European tailors

On this page you will find a list of tailors in the Europe, except UK and Ireland. The list is a work in progress and I will do my best to make this list as comprehensive as possible and to include tailors from all over Europe. If you are a tailor or know of a tailor who's not on the list, it will be greatly appreciated if you would let me know. Use the contact form in the right sidebar to get in touch, or tweet me.

If the tailors name is a link this tailor has been mentioned in one or more blog posts. Click the link to see what I've written about them.
The list is aranged alphabetically after the country where the tailors are located.

Tailors in Europe (21)

Tailor Website Location (city, country)
Aravinda Rodenburg Website Gent, Belgium
Paul Grassart Website Paris, France
Caraceni Website Milan, Italy
Gianni Campagna Website Milan, Italy
Gaetano Aloisio Website Rome, Italy
Vittorio Coccurello Website Rome, Italy
Sartoria Sabino Website Naples, Italy
Sartoria Solito Website Naples, Italy
Crimi Website Palermo, Italy
Lemmi Website Perugia, Italy
Marco Constantini Website Martinsicuro, Italy
F. Puppato Website Venice, Italy
Carlo Donati Website Arezzo, Italy
Sartoria Tedde Website Sassari, Italy
Di Pecora Website Leiden, Netherlands
New Tailor Website Amsterdam & Utrecht, Netherlands
De Oost Website Amsterdam, Netherlands
Splendid & Fellows Website Oslo, Norway
T Micheal Website Bergen, Norway
Christiania Skreddersøm Website Oslo, Norway
SuitArt Website Twelve locations in Switzerland

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