On this page I will put books which I believe to be of interest to most gentlemen. These are books which will bring you a lot of joy and also teach you a thing or two.

ABC of men's fashion
Hardy Amies' "ABC of men's fashion" is essential reading for any gentleman. The book was first published in 1964 but the majority of the advice and information presented by Hardy Amies is still valid today. I can almost guarantee you will learn something from this book and it will give you invaluable advice on the art of dressing well. If not, you are incredibly well informed and probably have this book already.

I am Dandy

"Photographer Rose Callahan and writer Nathaniel Adams have spent years exploring the fascinating phenomenon of dandyism. They visit contemporary dandies in their homes to document their impeccably designed lives in both words and images. Well-kempt to the tips of their beards and wearing three-pieces suits with flawlessly folded pocket handkerchiefs and supple kid gloves, their protagonists revive the charm of the past and reveal that cultivated idleness can be incredibly hard work." (Copied from the book review on Amazon UK)

This a magnificent book and a favourite of mine. Have a look at my last post about it here.

This is a book I often browse through for comfort, but also turn to for information and advice. In this book you will find chapters on most aspects a gentleman's attire and appearance.

The perfect gentleman
"This lavish publication celebrates the gentleman's search for the perfect sartorial detail, the ideal accessory, or beautiful gift for a loved one. Presented through the eyes of a connoisseur looking for quality and bespoke goods in Londons key stylistic historic periods, it tells the stories of the personalities, shop-keepers and master craftsmen who have animated the business of luxury goods for centuries. The book is arranged chronologically in six chapters, each followed by three or four profiles of British luxury marques. A reference section presents the London gentleman's social world, from the shopping arcades to classic hotels and the members clubs and antiquarians in between. This is the perfect book for the man who has everything." (Copied from the book review on Amazon UK)

Handmade shoes for men
If you have ever wanted to know more about how handmade shoes are created, this book is a must. "Handmade shoes for men" takes you through the whole process from taking the measurements and making the lasts to the finished pair of bespoke shoes. It also takes you through the many different shoe styles and discusses how to best take care of your shoes. This a book I highly recommend if you have an interest in gentleman's shoes. It is very informative and filled with beautiful photos.  

The London cut

Savile Row has been home to some of the most exclusive tailors shops in the world for more than 200 years, creating one-of-a-kind bespoke suits for a very select clientele - Sir Winston Churchill, the English Royal Family, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Mick Jagger, David Beckham, Madonna, Brad Pitt, and Pete Docherty, to name but a few. "The London Cut" is a richly illustrated volume that not only tells the story of more than two hundred years of undisputed elegance, but also the contemporary nature of a style that still represents the pinnacle of male haute couture. (Copied from the book review on Amazon UK)

Savile Row: The master tailors of British bespoke

Here is the definitive story of Savile Row, the internationally renowned epicentre of gentlemens style. Introduced by Tom Ford, it is a rich visual history of the street synonymous with elegance, sophistication and timeless attitudes. Including rare archival material and previously unpublished images, alongside specially commissioned photography and fashion shoots, this lavish celebration brings together the Row's tailors, the personalities, the dramas and private tales, the suits and their accoutrements, the fabrics and the cuts, as never before. An exclusive bonus section offers a complete resource for anyone wishing to have a suit made. (Copied from the book review on Amazon UK)
The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie: The Science and Aesthetics of Tie Knots

Two physicists prove that there are not just four ways to tie a tie, but a further eighty-one. ‘The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie’ unravels the history of ties, the story of the discovery of the new knots and some very elegant mathematics in action.
If Einstein had been left alone in Tie Rack for long enough perhaps he would have worked it out : why do people tie their ties in only four ways? And how many other possibilites are there? Two Cambridge University physicists, research fellows working from the Cavendish laboratories, have discovered via a recherche branch of mathematics – knot theory – that although only four knots are traditionally used in tying neck ties another eighty-one exist. This is the story of their discovery, of the history of neck ties and of the equations that express whether a tie is handsome or not. Of the eighty-one new knots, six are practical and elegant. We now have somewhere else to go after the Pratt, the Four-in-Hand, the Full and Half Windsor. Sartorial stylishness is wrapped effortlessly around popular mathematics. A concept developed to describe the movement of gas molecules – the notion of persistent walks around a triangular lattice – also describes the options for tie tying. Pure maths becomes pure fashion in a delightfully designed little package from Fourth Estate. (Copied from the book review on Amazon UK)


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