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This site is about all things related to the gentleman way of life. Anything from gentlemanly behaviour and manners, to clothes and accessories will be discussed in the regularly published articles.
I only write about things I like and when I write about my own experiences I will actually have taken part in what I describe. Making up stories to promote some product is frowned upon and does not have a place on this site. Although the topics may be many a varied, there will always be an emphasis on quality, rather than brand and price. That is not to say that price is unimportant, but I know it is possible to emphasise quality on a relatively modest budget. I also firmly believe it is better value in buying one quality product rather than ten poor quality items, no matter how cheap they are.
What are the luxuries of a gentleman?
Luxuries are often associated with products, activities and habits unobtainable to the general public due to being unaffordable or culturally accessible to only the selected few. I want to stress that I do not think that there is anything wrong with all things not being accessible to all people, but these products and activities are not necessarily the same as what I consider a gentleman's luxuries. A gentleman is always concerned with quality over brand and will never wear a particular brand just to show off that he can afford it. A gentleman will always seek to be noticed for his immaculate taste and behaviour, not the size of his wallet. 
The luxuries of a gentleman are the little things like the wonderful feeling of wearing a suit that fits you perfectly, knowing that your belt matches your shoes, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have functioning button holes on your jacket sleeve. Other luxurious moments for a gentleman may come from knowing that you have behaved with impeccable demeanour towards your fellow citizens.       
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