7 April 2015

A few things I would like to see less of

There are many annoying things in life and I'm going to use this blog post to whinge about a few things which have been irritating me for a long time. I can't claim that these are terribly important issues to be worked up about, but for the sartorially inclined it's definitely worth addressing.

All weather jackets
The, so called, all weather jackets are still very popular many places. Why, is beyond me as it serves no other purpose than making the wearer look like someone with no interest in their own appearance. I'm not sure when the all weather jackets came onto the market but I suspect it was one of the many "brilliant" sartorial inventions of the 1980s. No matter where they come from it's time to put them away. Every time I see people wearing these jackets, the indifference saddens and annoys me. There is no such thing as a jacket which is appropriate for all seasons and still looks half decent. If you have one of these jackets, please, leave it in the closet, it's not gonna do you any favours wearing it. 

Why can't sportswear be reserved for actual sporting activities? People wear sports gear to just about any occasion these days. It doesn't seem to matter if you're young or old, male or female, people are parading around in their track suits and trainers no matter what they're doing. A significant number of these people look like they've got no interest in sporting activities, with the exception of possibly watching it on the telly, which makes it even worse. If you're not doing sports, don't wear sports gear. It just makes you look like someone with no ambitions in life and that's not particularly attractive.  

Sneakers and suits
I often see people wearing a suit, they may even have put on a tie and it seems like they've made an effort to look good. This is until my gaze is wondering downwards and a pair of sneakers are glaring at me. The shoes are possibly the most important part of an outfit and you will never look proper if you don't pay attention to what you put on your feet. You may think a "nice" pair of sneakers could look good with a suit, forget it, it doesn't work. 

Shoes and no socks
The last thing I'm going to complain about today has more to do with the fashion industry than people in general. In the last few years I've been seeing advertisements and fashion photography depicting men wearing the nicest clothes and most wonderful shoes, but without socks. I've been waiting for this trend to pass but, for some reason, it seems to stick. I can't possibly understand the problem with wearing socks and it looks so much better than going sockless. Unless you're wearing sandals, please wear socks. 
That's it for now but I've got a feeling there might be more posts like this in the future. There are plenty of things I may not like and sometimes it's good to whinge a bit. 


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