14 July 2014

Cornerstone, an appealing shaving solution

During the last couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to try out the shaving products from the recently established company Cornerstone. Cornerstone is something as rare as a subscription service for shaving products and I will tell you how it works in a little while because it's all quite conveniently set up. The subscription service is very flexible and on the customer's terms all the way and worth looking into. But first let's have a look at the Cornerstone products.

The box the Cornerstone products are delivered in.
Photo: AGL

The Cornerstone shaving solution consists of four products, a pre-shave face scrub, a shaving gel, a post shave balm and a razor. All products are developed and produced in the UK with the exception of the razor blades which are produced in Germany by a company with several generations of experience in the production of razor blades. Although this is not unique and is rather becoming a trend among new companies, I still think it's praiseworthy that Cornerstone has concentrated their product development and production close to home. 

Below you can see photos of the products with a brief description and below the photos you can read about my experience having used products for nearly two weeks.

Face scrub:
Cedarwood and volcanic sand to help prevent nicks, cuts and shaving
bumps. Contains fine grains to help release ingrowing hairs, unblock pores
and lift away dead skin cells.
Photo: AGL
Shave gel:
Ginger and eucalyptus to protect and rehydrate, blended with rich lather
to help reduce shaving irritation.
Photo: AGL

Post-shave balm:
 Mint and honey to cool, refresh and moisturise.
Photo: AGL
The razor:
A well designed, lightweight razor which produces an exceptional shave.
Photo: AGL
I have to admit that using the Cornerstone products provided a new experience for me in the sense that my shaving regime has never consisted of using three different products before. Until recently, I used a standard shaving foam and whatever razor I bought at my local store. For reasons I explained in this previous post I changed to more traditional ways of shaving using a safety razor, a good shaving cream, and an Alun bloc for post shave treatment. With this background I was quite looking forward to trying a shaving regime consisting of both a pre-shave face scrub and a post-shave balm. I have to say right away that I found this to be quite a treat. The face scrub with the grains of volcanic sand really prepares the skin for what's to come. It does not have a strong scent and basically does the job very well without any unnecessary extras. The shaving gel is possibly what I like best. This is basically because of it's consistence which is quite different from any other shaving cream or gel I've tried before. The ginger and eucalyptus gel is very thick and clings delightfully to the skin, encapsulating each hair i preparation for the razor. This gel hardly foams at all which I think is part of the reason why this is a very effective shaving gel. The gel is also without any addition of perfume and only has the understated scent of its ginger and eucalyptus content. The mint and honey post-shave balm is nicely refreshing end a lovely finish to a great shaving experience. The mint is definitely the dominating scent in this balm but it's refreshing without being overpowering. Whether it's the shaving gel or the quality of the razor blades I can't be sure (I suspect it's a bit of both), but this has produced the closest shave I've ever experienced, and to top it off my skin has never felt this soft. There has been no small cuts, nicks or shaving irritation when I've used the Cornerstone products, something which I usually experience.

You can probably find other products producing an equally good experience, but I challenge you to find products of this quality for the price the Cornerstone products are offered at. Exceptional value for your money!   

So, how does it work? As I mentioned in the beginning, these products are available by subscription only, but the subscription is so flexible that it should satisfy anyone's needs. Depending on how often you shave, you can have the products delivered at a rate which means you'll always have the products you need, but without the risk of ending up with the cupboard full of unused creams and gels. You can also choose the products you want. If, for some reason, you don't want the face scrub or the post-shave balm, you can easily leave it out of your subscription. I am, however, not sure why I would leave a product out as I think it's the whole package that makes this so good. All changes to your subscription are easily done within your account area on the Cornerstone website. You can also cancel your subscription there at anytime you like.

One last point I would like to make is that the Cornerstone solution also solves the main problem I had with normal razors you buy in the supermarkets. I found that I very often had to buy a new expensive razor handle when I needed new razor blades because the blades I had had gone out of production and the new blades never fitted the old handle. This will never be a problem with Cornerstone as they give you the razor handle for free and if they should happen to make changes to the blades or the handle, they will supply you with a new one.

All in all I really enjoyed the Cornerstone experience. The only thing they can't offer is the traditional feel and enjoyment a safety razor or a straight razor gives, but the pleasantness of the scrub, gel and balm makes up for that. So far, I've actually found this shaving solution to be quite a treat every time I've used it. The question for me is whether I enjoy old traditional ways the most or if I should let me be persuaded by a very appealing modern solution.

Have a look at the Cornerstone website and see for yourself!


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