7 February 2014

One week of neckline photos

Last Friday I tweeted a picture with the title "Today's neckline". It was meant as one time thing, but I liked the idea, so when Monday came I decided to send out one more and this has continued the whole week. Below are the photos I tweeted, showing what I was wearing each day. Maybe it can be of inspiration to someone.
I would love to hear your comments, likes or dislikes.

Harris tweed jacket from Cordings.
Large check shirt from T.M. Lewin.
Plain dark brown acrylic tie, made in England,  of unknown make
(inherited from my grandfather).
Photo: AGL

Navy suit with light blue pinstripes from Cad &the Dandy.
Plain white shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt.
Dark blue silk tie with yellow and red diagonal stripes from Angelo Zeretti.
Photo: AGL

Black suit with red pinstripes from Cad & the Dandy.
Red striped shirt from T.M. Lewin.
Yellow polyester tie with multicoloured flowery pattern of unknown make
(inherited from my grandfather).
Photo: AGL

Plain blue French suit from Cacharel.
Light blue check, button down, shirt from Jean Paul.
Red polyester tie with white square dots, made in Norway by Herkules
(inherited from my grandfather).
Maroon pocket square with white dots from Pelicano Menswear.
Phot: AGL

Italian blue suit with chalk stripes by Roma Collezione.
Plain white pin collar shirt from T. M. Lewin.
Plain dark blue knitted tie of unknown make (inherited from my grandfather).
Blue pocket square with red, navy and white dots from Ted Baker.
Photo: AGL

Slate Prince of Wales check suit from Cad & the Dandy.
Light blue, pin collar shirt with white collar from T.M. Lewin.
Bright blue tie with white dots from Edsor, Berlin.
Navy pocket square with white dots from Pelicano Menswear.
Photo: AGL

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