13 February 2014

Nightshirts, a wonderful thing from the past

I must admit that I hadn't given much thought to the nightshirt and nightcap until very recently, two garments which may be seen as old fashioned by many. There is something Victorian over going to bed wearing a long shirt and a matching hat, but old fashioned does, by no means, equal bad. Sometimes it's quite refreshing to look back in time for new stuff, some things were actually better in the old days.

One such thing of the past I thought could be ready for a revival was the nightshirt. I don't think I've ever been in a shop selling gentlemen's nightshirts and I hadn't really come across them online either. After a few Google searches I did, however, managed to find two stores carrying nightshirts. There's probably several other places selling them but I was happy with the collections offered by Darcy Clothing and Peter Christian Gentlemen's OutfittersDarcy sells nightshirts which are replicas of a Victorian model while Peter Christian sell a modern version. I opted for the Peter Christian one for two reasons, firstly it was less than half the price and secondly, it came with a matching nightcap.

I bought it mostly because I thought it could be a nice thing to have, but I wasn't really sure if it would be used much. However, after having had it for a couple of weeks now I think it's wonderful and I use it every night. I even use the nightcap. I'm not sure why, but I actually like wearing the nightcap. It does, however, fall off during the night but sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I find myself putting the nightcap back on before I go back to sleep.

Sometimes you find the best things by looking back in time, and this definitely holds true for the nightshirt and nightcap.

The nightshirt and nightcap from Peter Christian.
Wonderfully comfortable nightwear.
Photo: AGL
Four buttoned nightshirt in 100% brushed cotton.
Photo: AGL


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