25 February 2014

Get it your own way with Frederick Lynn Haberdasshere

If you're into custom made clothes and accessories, Frederick Lynn Haberdasshere is just what you're looking for. A couple of years ago, Aaron Comes founded Frederick Lynn (operating as a direct business) and last year they opened up a large showroom in Chicago, USA, to provide the complete custom experience to the discerning gentleman. Being located in Chicago that's where their main catchment area is, but if you can't visit their showroom or live outside Chicago, they will travel to you. How far they are wiling to travel to meet new customers, I'm not sure, but flexibility seems to be at the heart of the Frederick Lynn operations, so all you have to do is ask and I'm sure they will do their very best to accommodate your needs.
Aaron Comes outside the Frederick Lynn showroom in Chicago.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
Inside the Frederick Lynn showroom
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
Frederick Lynn offer bespoke suits in three different qualities with regard to production: machine finished, hand finished, and a full handmade garments. Fabricwise, you can choose between a large variety of makes and qualities but to mention a few, the carry Scabal, Dormeuil, Escorial, Ermenegildo Zegna, and if you have a particularly large amount money you want to get rid off you can opt for vicuña, the worlds most expansive fabric. Thus, Frederick Lynn can cater for most people's needs and wallets with suits starting at $1300, and a vicuña jacket costing around $25000.
Fabrics are available in a large variety of makes and qualities.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
Marvellous glen plaid check jacket.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
Lovely single breasted three piece with peak lapels.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
Pin stripe three piece.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
Bespoke shirts are available at Frederick Lynn.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography 
You can also get silk ties by Dolcepunta, handmade in Pescara, Italy. You can choose between the standard three fold tie, or the more exclusive seven or eleven fold ties. They also have a softpoint model, and the double face ties which I particularly like.

Double face ties by Dolcepunta. How nice is the light
blue with the flower pattern?
Photo: taken from the Frederick Lynn facebook page

Soft point tie by Dolcepunta.
Photo: taken from the Dolcepunta website
All types of other accessories are also offered by Frederick Lynn and are generally customisable. All leather accessories and goods are handmade in England by Sterling & Burke. Available are everything from suitcases and tote bags to wallets and tie cases. Handmade umbrellas can also be made to your specifications. 
Accessories to cater for all your needs.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
All diferent kinds of leather goods.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
Top quality unbrellas avilable for customisation.
Photo: Kathleen Virgina Photography
If I didn't have a reason to go to Chicago before, I think I've just found one. A visit to Frederick Lynn is promising to be a perfect gentleman's experience. 

17 February 2014

Promotional post: Bargains to be had at the Savile Row Company

There is a sale on at the Savile Row Company, and normally I wouldn't find that a good reason to write a piece for the blog. There always seems to be sale on somewhere. This time I think it is slightly different though. If you're in the market for new trousers or a jacket, there are some real bargains to be had during the next week at the Savile Row Company.

Quilted and waxed jackets are already highly reduced in price, but if you apply the JACK3 code at the checkout you will get them even cheaper. With the JACK3 code you will get excellent quilted and waxed jackets for as little as £37.95, which is a real bargain.

Their offer on corduroy and chino trousers is just as good. When applying the TROU code at the checkout you will get the trousers for only £24.95.

The TROU and JACK3 codes will expire on the 23rd February,  so if you find this is interesting, you have a week to act.

I have had a look at the sale items and some sizes are already sold out but there's still enough left for most people to find something in the right size.

You'll find the jackets here (JACK3) and the trousers here (TROU).
Quilted jacket from the Savile Row Company. Comes in
four different colours.
Photo: taken from the SRC website

Waxed jacket.
Photo: taken from the SRC website

The chinos come pleated or as flat from in five different
Photo: taken from the SRC website

The corduroys come in grey, navy or mustard as the one in
the photo.
Photo: taken from the SRC website

13 February 2014

Nightshirts, a wonderful thing from the past

I must admit that I hadn't given much thought to the nightshirt and nightcap until very recently, two garments which may be seen as old fashioned by many. There is something Victorian over going to bed wearing a long shirt and a matching hat, but old fashioned does, by no means, equal bad. Sometimes it's quite refreshing to look back in time for new stuff, some things were actually better in the old days.

One such thing of the past I thought could be ready for a revival was the nightshirt. I don't think I've ever been in a shop selling gentlemen's nightshirts and I hadn't really come across them online either. After a few Google searches I did, however, managed to find two stores carrying nightshirts. There's probably several other places selling them but I was happy with the collections offered by Darcy Clothing and Peter Christian Gentlemen's OutfittersDarcy sells nightshirts which are replicas of a Victorian model while Peter Christian sell a modern version. I opted for the Peter Christian one for two reasons, firstly it was less than half the price and secondly, it came with a matching nightcap.

I bought it mostly because I thought it could be a nice thing to have, but I wasn't really sure if it would be used much. However, after having had it for a couple of weeks now I think it's wonderful and I use it every night. I even use the nightcap. I'm not sure why, but I actually like wearing the nightcap. It does, however, fall off during the night but sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I find myself putting the nightcap back on before I go back to sleep.

Sometimes you find the best things by looking back in time, and this definitely holds true for the nightshirt and nightcap.

The nightshirt and nightcap from Peter Christian.
Wonderfully comfortable nightwear.
Photo: AGL
Four buttoned nightshirt in 100% brushed cotton.
Photo: AGL

11 February 2014

From cloth to suit (part 4): The finished suit

The fabric a wrote about a couple of months ago has now been turned into a magnificent suit. This is the forth and last post in this series (previous posts: part 1, part 2, part3) and I want to show you the finished product, a suit which I think looks fantastic. I'm not going to say much about the suit but rather let the photos speak for themeselves. All I want to say is that I'm very pleased with the result and that the Cad & the Dandy has delivered a great result yet again.


The other posts in this series: part 1part 2part 3

7 February 2014

One week of neckline photos

Last Friday I tweeted a picture with the title "Today's neckline". It was meant as one time thing, but I liked the idea, so when Monday came I decided to send out one more and this has continued the whole week. Below are the photos I tweeted, showing what I was wearing each day. Maybe it can be of inspiration to someone.
I would love to hear your comments, likes or dislikes.

Harris tweed jacket from Cordings.
Large check shirt from T.M. Lewin.
Plain dark brown acrylic tie, made in England,  of unknown make
(inherited from my grandfather).
Photo: AGL

Navy suit with light blue pinstripes from Cad &the Dandy.
Plain white shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt.
Dark blue silk tie with yellow and red diagonal stripes from Angelo Zeretti.
Photo: AGL

Black suit with red pinstripes from Cad & the Dandy.
Red striped shirt from T.M. Lewin.
Yellow polyester tie with multicoloured flowery pattern of unknown make
(inherited from my grandfather).
Photo: AGL

Plain blue French suit from Cacharel.
Light blue check, button down, shirt from Jean Paul.
Red polyester tie with white square dots, made in Norway by Herkules
(inherited from my grandfather).
Maroon pocket square with white dots from Pelicano Menswear.
Phot: AGL

Italian blue suit with chalk stripes by Roma Collezione.
Plain white pin collar shirt from T. M. Lewin.
Plain dark blue knitted tie of unknown make (inherited from my grandfather).
Blue pocket square with red, navy and white dots from Ted Baker.
Photo: AGL

Slate Prince of Wales check suit from Cad & the Dandy.
Light blue, pin collar shirt with white collar from T.M. Lewin.
Bright blue tie with white dots from Edsor, Berlin.
Navy pocket square with white dots from Pelicano Menswear.
Photo: AGL