15 December 2013

My new folio from Holdall & Co

A little while ago I wrote about Holdall & Co, a company I was quite excited about. I have now gone ahead and bought one of their folios I liked so much and I'm quite pleased with it. I went for the 12" one which is big enough for me to carry my tablet and the basics I usually carry to and from work, or to a meeting.

This folio is handmade in England and is of immaculate quality. It also looks good in it's very classic design. This is a timeless piece which I think enhances the style of the person carrying it. It provides a touch of elegance and style which is quite satisfying.

You can check out the Holdall & Co's other products on their website.

My new folio holds what I need for work.

The 12" folio by Holdall & Co.
The snap-shut lock's clean lines fit the
folio perfectly.

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