10 November 2013

Quality in production and design from Holdall & Co

I recently discovered the Holdall & Co and I think this a company well worth blog post. It is a company which puts quality in focus both with regard to design and production. The Holdall company was established in 2012 by Raimonda Navickaite, and the first product was an under-arm folio bag and later they have suplemented their collection with wallets, card cases and most recently the slipcase.  
The background for the company is found in the founder's love for vintage English-made bags, and the aim of Holddall & Co was to create a stylish and durable product, able to withstand the tests of time and to age gracefully; itself becoming a vintage piece one day. Before she released the folio she spent seven months developing the perfect design; travelling around England, sourcing the best leather and seeking skilled craftsmen who could produce it to the highest possible standard.
This quote from Raimonda says a lot about her thinking behind the company and her dedication to quality: "I knew from the start that the folios had to be made in England, so I searched hard to find traditional case makers with decades of experience who would not only ensure longevity for the folios but turn them into a unique piece of art."
I think the Holdall & Co has succeded in producing products which will stand the test of time. The folio's simple, clean design makes it a very elegant and would be perfectly suitable for any well dressed gentleman. If you buy a folio like this it will be with you for as long as you want, it will not fall victim to shifting fashion and trends. 
All the products come in two different colours, Chestnut and London Tan. 

This very stylish folio would make the perfect accessory for any gentleman.
Photo: The Holdall & Co website

Handmade wallets come in both Chestnut and London Tan.
Photo: The Holdall & Co website
The leather and felt slipcase is the latest addition to the Holdall & Co product line. This will hold your tablet, business cards, note pads and the like. This can also be custom made if the available sizes are not axactly right for what you want to use it for.

The leather and felt slipcase will hold most of your necessities.
Photo: The Holdall & Co website
Visit the Holdall & Co website to read more about the company and their products. If you are still lacking ideas for Christmas gifts, I think this is something most people would be happy to get. It is already on my Christmas wish list. 


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