28 September 2013

A gentleman's guide to weight control, a side effect of bespoke

I don't know if you've ever felt that you were carrying a few kilos more than you should,  or to be more accurate, a few kilos more than you were comfortable with. If not, brilliant, but in a time with more and more overweight and obese people I am sure some of you have encountered a kilo or two you'd rather never have met. At least that was the situation I was in some years ago. Over a period of several years, I had gradually put on weight to the point where I was 12-15 kilos heavier than I would've liked to be. It took way too long before I decided to do something about it but when I finally realised action was needed, I joined one of the many weight loss courses available. I would never go on a diet requiring you to only eat certain kinds of food, replace meals with diet shakes or even worse, take diet pills. I chose my weight loss program accordingly and went on an eight weeks long course learning how to lose weight and control the weight by paying attention to what you eat in combination with how much you exercise. Losing weight is not easy but it is also not very complicated. It is all about getting the right balance between intake and expenditure of energy. To lose weight you will have to burn off more calories than you gain through food and drink. To maintain your weight you'll need an equal balance between intake and outtake of energy. If it is this simple you would think that more people would take control of their weight and maintain a body they were reasonably happy with. The problem is, however, that it is not as easy in practice as it is in theory. The difficulty is in the mind. Strong motivation is needed to lose and maintain weight, because it is not always comfortable. Occasionally it can be rather painful to lose weight. That is why one of the main advantages of joining a weight loss group is the motivation it gives you by working together with others and not necessarily learning the theory behind weight loss itself. Anyway,  I managed to loose 13 kilos and got down to a weight I was reasonably happy with.

This post is not about promoting a weight loss group or product but I would like to tell you how I maintain my weight and how I keep the motivation to do what it takes to be in control of my own body shape. As I said, motivation is the all important thing and this is where weight/body control overlaps with bespoke garments. After I had lost the weight and reach the size I wanted to be, I bought my first bespoke suit. This suit fitted the new me perfectly and the feeling of wearing this suit was unbeatable. I have later bought several other suits to the same measurements and these suits are the guides to my weight fluctuations and the motivation for maintaining my weight. Every time I put on these suits I know straight away what the situation is. If the suit is feeling slightly tighter than it should, I will take action immediately. If they fit as they should, I know I can keep on doing what I'm doing. This way my weight never gets out of control. A bespoke suit will never let you put on several kilos, it will tell you as soon as you start gaining weight. Thus, you will know before it gets out of hand and it gets too difficult to handle.

Here are a gentleman's three points to weight loss and maintenance:   
  1. Get to a weight you are comfortable with. This is the difficult part and I recommend joining a weight loss group. If you want to do it by yourself, losing weight is all about burning more calories than you take in. Figure out approximately how many calories you burn each day (this will depend on you size, age and activity level) and make sure you eat less than that. Learn the calorie content of the food you eat and change some of your calorie rich foods with food with lower energy content. Exercise a bit on top of that and you'll be fine.
  2. Get some bespoke suits and shirts or have your existing clothes altered to fit the body you are comfortable with. The good feeling of wearing perfectly fitting clothes is stronger than the cravings for sugar and fatty foods. Your new clothes will give you all the motivation you need to maintain your weight.
  3. If your bespoke or altered clothes feel tighter than comfortable you'll know right away that you have to take action. Your well fitting clothes will let you know as soon as you start to gain weight and you can take action before it gets too difficult. Your weight will never be out of control again.

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