9 August 2013

I want this: Hamilton & Hare boxers

With this post I start a new series on this blog. I often see things I would like to have but, for one reason or another, can't or won't get at the moment. Under the heading "I want this" I will present such things.
The first product I want to present in this series is the underwear made by Hamilton & Hare. Gentlemen's underwear is not something widely discussed and it is rare to see something special in this department. I think Hamilton & Hare is an exception to this and worth a mention here. The company was estblished in 2012 to provide some real quality in the men's underwear market and I think the following sentence from their web site explains why this is a product worth trying out:
"Designed in London using Savile Row suppliers and expertise, our boxers combine a unique tailored cut with fine materials for the most flattering and comfortable fit around."
The boxers' are made from fine cotton fabrics which should make them very comfortable and they are topped off with mother of pearl buttons to add a bit of extra class. They also look lovely and I will definitely get me a pair or two in not too long. The photos below are from the Hamilton & Hare web site.

Boris blue tailored boxer

Boris blue tailored boxer mother of pearl buttons

Pinstripe pink tailored boxer

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