11 August 2013

I want this: Gentleman's valets by Sam Brown Furniture

When it comes to furniture, it is a long time since I saw something as beautiful and befitting a gentleman as the gentleman's valets by Sam Brown Furniture. If there was ever an item suitable for inclusion in the "I want this" series it's this.
Sam Brown Furniture is a company creating hand built bespoke furniture for their clients. One of their specialities are gentleman's valets and it was a couple of these that really got me excited about this company. Have a look at the photos below (taken from the Sam Brown web site) and tell me who wouldn't want a clothes valet like this. I find this kind of quality craftsmanship very exciting and definitely worth promoting even though I probably won't be able to commission one in the near future myself. My current living arrangements (a relatively small flat) wouldn't do such a marvellous piece of furniture justice and bespoke furniture is, unfortunately, also not within my budget at the moment. One thing's for certain though, if I were ever to commission bespoke furniture, a gentleman's valet from Sam Brown will be very high up on my list.


  1. Hi Ebenezer and thanks for the mention in your blog, much appreciated. I hope one day to be delivering a valet to you.

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