30 August 2013

How to keep your feet dry in the autumn rain

Autumn is upon us and there is no getting away from the fact that it will rain more than some might like, myself included. One of the biggest challenges with the rainy days is maintaining your style. Any gentleman recognises the importance shoes play to an elegant outfit, but there is nothing more uncomfortable than walking around in damp, wet shoes all day. It's not doing your shoes any good either. Leather soles are much more susceptible to damage and get worn much quicker when wet, and, as I suppose you've noticed, soaked leather soles can also get very slippery.
You always have the option of changing to a pair with rubber soles or you could go all the way and put on rubber boots. Rubber boots, however, are rarely doing your style any favours and is hard to defend unless your walking the fields in the country side. The solution to this problem, as far as I'm concerned, is, of course, galoshes

Modern galoshes do not detract from your outfit but can
be rather stylish. The suit is by Cacharel.
Until a couple of years ago, galoshes had been largely absent for several decades. It is only in the last few years galoshes have become visible in the shoe shops and clothing stores again, and Swims were at the forefront of this revival. The Swims galoshes are made from quality rubber and give you good grip on the wet surface, they are lightweight and, the design will actually compliment your outfit. The unique inner lining ensures low friction when slipping them on and off, and the lining will also serve as insulation and help keep your feet warm in cold weather.
Swims galoshes come in several different colours and for the less adventurous, the black, dark blue or brown are probably the most appropriate. If you want your Swims to make more of an impact, they also come in green, orange and red. Judging from what I've seen, the orange ones seem to be particularly popular. Personally, I went for the black Swims and they have served me well for some years now and they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. They are practically unbreakable, so buying a pair of Swims is an investment you're likely to do only once. 
For me there is no better protection against the pouring rain and I think galoshes should be part of any gentleman's arsenal against the elements.

A pair of Swims protect you, and your shoes, from the elements. The
shoes are by Barker.

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