14 August 2013

Brass collar stiffeners, a nice touch from Tyrwhitt

I recently bought some shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt and I was very pleased with one of shirt features. This was the first time I bought Tyrwhitt shirts but I have earlier bought several other items, so that the shirts were of top quality came as no surprise. However, when I noticed that the shirts were equipped with brass collar stiffeners I was positively surprised. This is quite uncommon for ready-to-wear shirts and normally an option reserved for bespoke shirts. What is normally included with shirts are plastic stiffeners of varying flexibility. Even quite expensive (£140+) off-the-rack shirts don't have this feature and may even have sewn in stiffeners. Sewn in collar stiffeners are, in my opinion, not a good option. They tend to become permanently bent after a while which takes away the crispness of a proper shirt collar.
Have a look underneath the collar next time you buy a shirt and choose the one with removable stiffeners. With removable collar stiffeners you can always change them if they should break or switch them for a better quality pair if you so wish. Remember, your face sits right atop of your shirt collar and the collar will therefore never go unnoticed.
Back to point of this post. Brass collar stiffeners are included with the Tyrwhitt shirts and I applaud that. Quality is in the details and little things like this is of major importance for the gentleman of style.

Brass collar stiffeners included with Charles Tyrwhitt shirts.

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