31 July 2013

Keep your socks up!

Socks curled up around the ankle and the leg
showing bare skin. It's not nice, is it?

This is just a quick note on something which can be easily corrected if necessary. Seeing people with their socks curled up around their ankles and the bare leg showing when they're sitting down can be an annoying sight for the gentleman concerned with the minor, but important, details of dressing well. I frequently see people making an effort to dress their best, often succeeding, but are let down by details like this. This was most recently brought to my attention when watching a British talk show. A famous actor was a guest on the show, wearing a very stylish black three piece, but his socks were way too short. He sat there with one leg across the other with a thick line of bright white skin lighting up, like an eye sore, between the sock and the trouser leg. This was quite a tall man and his socks were obviously too short for a man of his stature.
It is little things like this which can let down the perfect outfit, so, please, make sure this doesn't happen to you. Quality socks will stay up all day so there is really no excuse for this.

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